Welcome to the Avatar Inria Challenge website

This project funded by Inria aims at designing avatars (i.e., the user’s representation in virtual environments) that are better embodied, more interactive and more social, through improving all the pipeline related to avatars, from acquisition and simulation, to designing novel interaction paradigms and multi-sensory feedback.

The project started in 2018 and involves 6 Inria teams (GraphDeco, Hybrid, Loki, MimeTIC, Morpheo, Potioc), as well as our external academic partner Prof. Mel Slater (Uni. Barcelona) and 2 industrial partners (InterDigital and Faurecia).

Through the project, we have obtained a significant number of results related to avatars, in particular on the topic of  virtual embodiment. These results are transversal to the project and involved most of the teams of the challenge, as  they apply on aspects related to the modelisation and representation of avatars, to the users’ ability to interact with them and experience haptic feedback, as well as to the characteristics of the users themselves. In particular, these results have positioned the teams involved in this challenge as major international research players on the topic of avatars.

Through the project, you will find on this website information about advancement, publications, dissemination, and events organised by the consortium.

For more information about the Avatar Inria Challenge, you can contact Ludovic Hoyet

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